Kifco, Inc.

Havana, IL 62644

Categories: Irrigation, Portable Irrigation

Kifco, Inc. has dominated the hard hose traveler industry since the beginning with their trademarked unit, the Water-Reel®.  Whether you are irrigating a 300 ft. lacrosse field or an entire multi-field complex, Kifco Water-Reels are the perfect tool for the job. With many models, sizes and lengths to choose from, you can pick the best reel for your application, which, in some cases, will allow you to irrigate the whole field in one unattended pass. A Kifco Water-Reel can cut the work (and cost!) of irrigating your sports field in half. Compared to in-ground systems, Water-Reels are the cost-effective choice and best of all, they require less maintenance.  Kifco has an unmatched product support team & parts availability along with a large network of authorized Kifco Dealers across the United States.  Water-Reels are the easy choice when selecting an irrigation system for your field(s), with one of the most important reason being, the B-Series line up used for irrigating sports fields, are made right here in the USA.  Kifco, Only Trust a Water-Reel®! Visit Kifco online at to learn more.