Schmitz Foam Products

The Netherlands, ID Industrial area 7120

Categories: Artificial Turf/Infill Materials, Shock Pads

Schmitz Foam Products is a leading global supplier of shock absorption and drainage products, which are manufactured under the ProPlay trademark. ProPlay products are applied in various markets worldwide, such as sports and fall protection.

ProPlay-Sport is the perfect basis for a high-quality artificial turf construction. The characteristics of the ProPlay-Sport address the demands for various specific sport technical requirements.


  • Sustainable solution

  • Excellent vertical and horizontal drainage

  • Long term stability

  • Resistance to wear

  • Playable in all weather conditions

  • Easy installation

  • 25-year guarantee

  • 100-years life expectancy

  • Lowest total cost of ownership

ProPlay-Sport meets the highest quality demands set by the professional sport associations such as FIFA, FIH, GAA, AFL and IRB. In comparison with other sport technical underlayers, ProPlay-Sport delivers consistent and predictable results for vertical deformation and shock absorption for its complete lifecycle, regardless of the intensity of use. ProPlay-Sport therefore offers an unique solution for each sport and artificial turf system.

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